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I truly believe we have all been gifted with a God-given talent, and I do not doubt in my mind that mine is to empower women through self-love & care! After doing hair, makeup & brows on family & friends, I was given the opportunity to work with a professional Makeup Artist for a few years. This work prepared me and helped me grow as an artist. The year 2020 was a Blessing in disguise for me, as it forced the world to shut down but inspired me to do what my heart was calling me to do. Create a safe & inviting space for women to come to and get catered. Ana Artistry Studio was born with the help of a loving husband and a family that has always supported my decisions. My vision was to create an inviting yet elegant space that screams femininity! Something far from your typical home studio. A place you look forward to coming to, because I genuinely believe that "People will always remember how you made them feel." (-Maya Angelou) 

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Empowering women through simplified beauty routines

Is your morning in the mirror holding you back? 

As a skincare artist, I want to give you more than just an excellent service. I want to give you your mornings back. I want to give you the confidence to get up in the morning & feel radiant.
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The Studio

Based in Dallas, TX 

Welcome to my beauty corner.
Every detail in my studio has been thoughtfully considered to provide you with the best luxury beauty experience.

This isn't a regular home studio - this is luxury studio that feels like you home away from home. Lay back & enter pure relaxation as you make yourself comfortable with soothing music, warm aromas, & a bed so comfortable it will all but put you to sleep.

Enjoy the YOU time that you deserve & let me pamper you. 

Brow Lamination, also commonly known as "Brow Lift, "is a semi-permanent treatment that helps tame unruly hairs, cover sparse areas in the brow, & create a lifted & fuller looking brow. 

What is Brow Lamination?

How long does this treatment last?

Who is this treatment best suited for?

What is the aftercare?

This treatment can last anywhere from 4-6 weeks & can be repeated every eight weeks.

Brow Lamination helps those who have thick, unruly, or downward-pointing brows. It can also help cover sparse areas in the brow. Lamination works with the hair you already have, so if you don’t have much hair to work with, this treatment would not be suitable for you. 

A picture of your brows is required when booking to help determine if you are a good candidate, or you can contact me before booking if you have any questions.

How do I determine if I am a good canditated for this treatment?

Brows are to be kept dry and untouched for the first 24-hours. Refrain from wearing eye makeup, swimming, sweating, or sauna use. Use castor oil nightly after the first 24-hours to keep brows nourished & hydrated! Keep in mind that this is a mild chemical treatment & hydration is key. Brushing the brows while wet/damp will allow brows to dry in the desired position. To style, you can add a clear gel or brow soap. 


What is a Lash Lift?

Is it painful? 

How long does it last?

A semi-permanent treatment lifts & curls your natural lashes, making them appear longer & fuller. Tint can be added as an add-on for those with blonde or light color lashes, as those with dark lashes will have little to no color change. 

This treatment can last anywhere from 6-8 weeks depending on care & lash cycle. 

Not at all. It's actually very relaxing, and most of my clients take a nap while having it done. 

What is the aftercare?

Lashes are to be kept dry & untouched for the first 24-hours. Please refrain from wearing eye makeup, swimming, sweating, or sauna use. After treating the lashes, it's important to keep them hydrated. I highly recommend Keratin Lash Serum (sold in my studio) the day of your service. This hydrates lashes & promotes lash growth.

Am I good candidate for this treatment? 

A lash lift benefits most people. Those who have medium-long lashes, straight or frizzy lashes benefit the most from this treatment. The results are not as dramatic on short lashes. 

What if I have short lashes? 

If you want to try this treatment, but your lashes are short, or on the thin side, I highly recommend getting on growth serum (available in my studio for purchase) for two months before booking your lash lift. 


Do you work on location?

Do you offer Bridal Trials?

I will travel within the DFW for groups of no more than 4 (including bride.) Travel fee is custom quoted based on Wedding location. 

Yes, I highly recommend booking a trial especially if this is your first time getting your makeup done by me. In this appointment we will look over inspiration pictures & discuss your vision for your Big Day. Trials are done Monday-Thursday's in my Studio.

What do I need to prepare?

Please make sure to designate an area that has the best natural light, (near a window) where I can setup. Have clean skin & be ready to start at the appointment time.

Do you require a deposit?

Yes! I require a non-refundable deposit when you’re ready to book (deposit goes towards your total & must be made within 24-hours of confirming availability for your Wedding to secure your date).

How can I begin prepping my skin for the big day? 

I recommend to start a Beauty Regimen that includes exfoliating, cleansing and moisturizing. I also recommend at least two facials prior to your Wedding Day; Beginning 4-6 weeks & following up with the second 4-7 days prior to wedding day.  Facial Services Coming Soon! 


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